Sage + Sound

we collaborated with our favorite meditators in the game. Sage + Sound offers meditation classes, sound workshops and more to reset your nervous system and restore your energy.


meditation #7

three gates

tap into the wisdom of
daoist teachings.

new to meditating?
we’ve got you with 3 tips for a successful session.

find a quiet space
wear comfortable clothing, sit or lay in a position that feels good and find a quiet spot where you won't be disturbed.
close your eyes
close your eyes (or use your alice eye mask) and let your breathing slow down. everything else will fall into place.
be kind to yourself
your mind will wander, and you might get lost in thought. Just be patient with yourself and know it’s all part of the process.

listen to another meditation:

no 1: dedication
an introductory mediation to set the mood.

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no 2: body scanning
relax your entire physical body + melt into rest.

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no 3: physical patterns
bring awareness to your actions + surroundings.

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no 4: breath counting
find stillness through meditative breath work.

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no 5: subtle patterns
tune into your mind + body on a deeper level.

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no 6: visualization
let your mind’s eye wander and drift into your dreams.

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