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The apple of our eye. mushrooms are kind of like plants. They have mycelium (like the root system of a tree) that produce fruiting bodies (like the apple on an apple tree). The fruiting body is the most nutrient-dense part of the mushroom and contains the highest concentration of active compounds that provide medicinal benefits. Alice exclusively uses 100% fruiting body mushroom extracts (many companies instead use mycelium because it costs less).
The mushroom of the body. Looks like long orange fingers, functions like your body’s most energetic friend. Cordyceps helps your body use oxygen more efficiently by increasing blood oxygen levels, improving circulation and promoting better blood flow. Its also rich in adenosine — an endurance-enhancing compound that optimizes energy levels and mental stamina for improved learning, memory, and central nervous system functions. You can think of Cordyceps as the fungal equivalent to “work smarter, not harder.”
Goodness you can feel. Functional mushrooms are packed with compounds that nourish your mind and body in ways you can actually feel. Different from culinary mushrooms (our favorite food) and “shrooms,” (an entirely different fungal family) functional mushrooms deliver nutrients that can sharpen your mind, help you sleep better, and generally feel your best. The trick is to make them part of your daily routine — the benefits of these fungi compound in your body over time and become more effective with sustained use.
The root of it all. The root system of the fungal network comprised of thread-like, interconnecting white strands. These systems create mycorrhizal networks that connect trees and plants in an underground web that transfers knowledge, water, nitrogen, and minerals. Like the internet, but for mushrooms.
Functional fungi’s biggest foe. The use of dextrin (a sugar-like starch) is the most pervasive problem in functional mushroom extraction. Many companies spray dextrin on their mushrooms to artificially speed up the drying process and even use it as a filler to create more mushroom powder. Sound sketchy? We think so too. Alice’s mushrooms are 100% pure extract for a high-quality, maximum potency product.
Potency for the people. Functional mushrooms make us work for the good stuff. Their cell walls are made of chitin — the same tough substance that crustaceans use to make their shells. Humans don’t have the enzymes to digest chitin (most of it goes to waste as insoluble fiber) so we rely on extractions to do the work for us. Alice uses a hot water method that breaks down the chitin wall to make each mushroom’s nutrients, vitamins and minerals readily and easily bioavailable. Prepare for an indulgent feast of nutrients.
The mushroom of immortality. Known also as the Mother Mushroom, there isn’t much that Reishi can’t do. Boost immunity, reduce inflammation, improve liver function, combat allergies, the list goes on. But we love it for its adaptogenic properties that can help alleviate stress, promote relaxation, and foster your deepest, best sleep ever. Reishi can also reduce fatigue so that you’ll wake up feeling rested, energized, and ready for the day. Reishi: 1, insomnia: 0.
The mushroom of the mind. The human brain has tight security. Called the blood-brain barrier, it protects our brains from absorbing substances that could be harmful. The problem is that the blood-brain barrier also filters out a lot of the good stuff that would actually help our brains (which is why so many brain health supplements don’t ultimately work). Lion’s Mane is different — its main compounds are so small that they can sneak past the blood brain barrier to directly stimulate nerve growth factor and improve memory, cognition, neuroplasticity, and brain health. It’s literal brain food.
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