Decadent mushroom chocolates
you can feel.
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Decadent mushroom chocolates
you can feel.
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functional ingredients to create an instant feeling.
two unique formulas.
two distinct feelings.
we’re making mushrooms delicious and indulgent
experience instant sensation without chemicals or capsules
the part of your daily self-care routine that you’ll crave.
let us take you on a journey into sharp focus and deep sleep.
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stamina beyond coffee time

Your morning beverage has worn off and your focus is waning, but the clock says there’s more day to seize. Your classic options won’t do the trick: too jittery, too weak or too bright green. So Alice invented Brainstorm, a smooth flow of mid-day renewal and energy in the form of a sumptuous, all-natural chocolate bite.

for a perfect night’s sleep.

There are two things your sleep is often missing: true relaxation and chocolate. Alice has fixed this problem with Nightcap, a decadent post-dinner bite for a pleasant slide into a calm, restful rendezvous with your bed, without the next-morning grogginess of traditional sleep-aids.

alice vs. other mushroom supplements
where functionality meets decadence.
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