we use functional ingredients that create an in the moment effect.

what is alice?

Alice is your trusted guide for mushroom based experiences. She is the feeling that there is more to learn, more to be discovered, and more to life than what one sees inside of this dimension.

Alice embraces the mysteries of mycelium and dares to explore uncharted territories within the mycological kingdom. We embrace the frontier that mycological wellness represents as well as the oftentimes magical journeys mushrooms can initiate.

Alice was founded by Linsday Goodstein and Charlotte Cruze. Lindsay worked within the big pharma arena for a long time and saw a huge gap between what’s currently over-used in market and what incredibly effective alternatives were available to us outside of that pharmaceutical world. Charlotte comes from the creative worlds of food and marketing - making alice the perfect melting pot for all things functional chocolate. Both our brand and our products represent a new way of operating in the world that embraces safe experimentation and enthusiastically exploring the paths that unfold before you.

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